It's almost overwhelming how much information is widely available these days, turning curiosity into chaos very quickly. Here are a few of the sites that help me make sense of the noise:


Uppsala Conflict Data Program One of my go-to sites whenever starting a new project or presentation. This is a program maintained by the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala Universitet in Sweden. They've been recording ongoing conflicts since the 1970s, and to my knowledge is one of the best data-driven resources about any conflict-related issue. Where are the conflicts? Who are the stakeholders? This site is a great starting point for finding the answers to these types of questions. 

United States Institute of Peace Online Classes While the entire site is a useful resource, I personally love a good workshop, seminar, or class that can help crystallize a complex topic. The USIP has several online classes, some free of charge for a limited time, that do just that. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education If you're interested in academia in any capacity, this is a fantastic site for you. Whether you're looking for a place to commiserate with others about issues in academia, or looking for a job in the academy, it's one of my bookmarked sites.

Ma'an News Agency If you want Palestinian news straight from Palestine, this is a great site to support. Articles are available in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, and because of their locally based staff, they are able to write about stories and provide details that bigger news agencies miss. 

Haaretz On the other side, this is an Israeli newspaper that I really enjoy reading (and goes way beyond politics). It's a good resource to learn about Israel and what's going on in Israeli culture, economy, and overall life.