As Conflict Wears on in Gaza, Some Sources to Check Out

The New York Times- Room for Debate: Can the U.S. still be a leader in the Middle East?

This piece features several short essays by scholars arguing various points of how the U.S. either can or cannot be an honest broker for Middle East peace. My personal favorite was that of human rights lawyer Noura Erakat, which argues that the U.S. cannot possibly act as a neutral mediator when supplying Israel with billions of dollars a year in aid and arms. Regardless of your viewpoint, there are seven different essays that are certain to cause you to question your assumptions.

The Charlie Rose Show: A Discussion About Palestinians and their Leadership

Wouldn't you know, a show about Palestinians that actually features the voices of Palestinians! Charlie talks with several guests, including Rula Jebreal and Yousef Munayyer, about the current dynamics in Palestinian politics, Israel's current government, and the oft-ignored issue at the true core of this conflict (spoiler: it's the occupation). Don't assume that because these are all Arab voices, there won't be debate- in fact, it offers a very nuanced look from different perspectives of Palestinian thought. It's about 40 minutes, but it's well worth your time.


I've also gotten some great feedback about my previous post about my experience of the occupation. I'll continue to post more in that series, but if you're interested in some other perspectives and pictures about life in the occupied West Bank, I recommend:

Mondoweiss: Welcome to the status quo- a tour of the occupation

This piece offers a great firsthand account of the sheer structural integration of the occupation into the everyday lives of Palestinians. From checkpoints, to the wall, to settlements, the author really reinforces the fact that the occupation is EVERYWHERE, impacting every aspect of Palestinian's lives.

Teju Cole Twitter (@tejucole): Occupied (Collection of Photos)

Writer Teju Cole went on a trip to the West Bank in early June of this year, and took a series of very powerful photos that do a great job in illustrating everyday life in Palestine under the backdrop of the occupation. From Bethlehem, Hebron, and Jerusalem, to Nablus and Ramallah, this a great photo series with simple, straightforward captions that allow you to come to your own conclusion about the images.

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