Few Updates on the Situation in Palestine

Things are changing quickly by the day, and the pictures coming out of Gaza are devastating (nearly 30 children killed...need I say more?) but here are some good pieces about the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict that help provide a context to what seems like an endless back and forth between Hamas and Israel (as well as relate it to what's going on in the West Bank)

Democracy Now!- Gaza Debate with Noura Erakat, Palestinian human rights attorney, and Joshua Hantman, senior advisor to Israel's ambassador to the US

On Point with Tom Ashbrook- Israel, Palestine, and A Region on Edge discussion with Michele Dunne, senior associate in the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Middle East Program, Rashid Khalidi, professor of Modern Arab studies at Columbia University, Alan Elsner, vice president for communications at J Street, and Nicholas Burns, professor in international relations at the Harvard Kennedy School.

The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd- US Intervention May No Longer Work in Israel with Yousef Munayyer

This Week (ABC News)- interview with Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer 

All In with Chris HayesChris Hayes’s commentary on Israel and Hamas

And lastly, a list I was absolutely thrilled to discover: a list of female journalists, advocates, and other voices reporting on Israel and Palestine on FP Interrupted. Many of these individuals serve as inspiration to me in terms of producing this blog and some of my other work, so I highly recommend checking out this list for a bit of a different perspective.