Calling Things What They Are

Although the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is in the news frequently, you could easily consume plenty of media regularly and not hear all that much about it. It's almost never a top story, and as I mentioned in a previous post, it's such consistently bad news that you could be forgiven glossing over the minutiae of who's doing what when. But one thing American news junkies do love is politics. Especially when the story includes a brash, divisive, currently-in-the-public-eye headline maker like Chris Christie. The two worlds so rarely collide, but this past week, collide they did, when Christie, in the company of other Republican presidential contenders trying to woo the heart and wallet of Sheldon Adelson (a very pro-Israel gambling mogul), referred to Palestine as "the occupied territories." Now, even from my perspective, this is hardly something that's controversial. They are territories, and they are occupied. That's what the UN calls them,  the WHO, Oxfam and other NGOs, even Wikipedia...I mean, it's barely a politicized term. It's more just...a definition. But apparently, this was a huge no-no for Adelson and his buddies, and Christie was forced to apologize. There are so many things I wanted to say about this, but thankfully, Jon Stewart and his team at The Daily Show said them so much better than I ever could. So watch and enjoy!